We’re going to go on an exciting journey of growth together.

Here are the Rules of Engagement for this journey:

  • Confidentiality –  I will keep everything that is shared confidential 
  • Support – I will give just as much or even more than I receive
  • Energy – I will bring positive energy to the group 
  • Understanding – I will both give and receive feedback with heart
  • Accountability – I’ll stay accountable to my goals
  • Celebration – I’ll stay focused on my own goals and celebrate my achievements
  • Fun – I will have fun on this journey!

Inside the Member Area, you’ll find everything you need, including the schedule of calls, call recordings, and how to get support.

If there’s anything you need to just reach out to Cindy@marketingfromwithin.com or Kathy@marketingfromwithin.com (for tech or admin support)

Thank you!

Group Calls