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Meet Kelly Martin

Introverted and new entrepreneurs hire me (1) to help them develop and implement a communications strategy that will amplify their voice, brand, and message, and/or (2) to to help them formulate, design, structure, translate, and confidently AND authentically deliver their messages and to work out the language of their message, offers, and pitches.

This latter "service" entails everything from copywriting and copyediting to diction (word choice) and syntax (sentence structure) to mindset with regards to confidence and Imposter Syndrome.

I offer online workshops, online courses (25 participants max so I can personally review submitted work and provide feedback), 1:1 consulting for individual projects, and 1:1 coaching.

So if you need help with anything related to communication and messaging, please reach out and let me know how I can serve you!

Special Offers for SAC Members:

Course discount: $197 instead of the "regular" launch price of $497

Ramp Up Revenue with Powerful Offers Mini-Course: A six-module action course with a vibrant online community, easy-to-follow implementation strategies, personalized feedback on any work or posts submitted, and live Zoom sessions/workshops!

Contact Info:

(214) 577-8530

Meet Kate Kunkel

If you are beginning to struggle with memory issues, concentration or planning, or feel like you cannot cut through the brain fog, now is the time to analyze your risk for dementia and work to enhance your cognition. If you are serious about boosting your brainpower, then don’t wait, because it is never too early, but it can become too late, especially if you have a family history of dementia. I will help you take the steps to get more energy, more clarity and best of all, you will have a sharper memory, better cognitive functioning and a happier, healthier brain.

Special Offers for SAC Members:

I offer a free seven day course called ReSet Your MindSet to help you dispel negative thoughts and become more positive about yourself and the world, all with the goal of improving mental and brain health. It is normally $127, but SAC members are welcome to enjoy it free.

Contact Info:

(647) 556-7890


Meet Peter Gosline

As an executive coach, I offer clients a complimentary 30-minute strategy session, where we discuss the basis of coaching, how I typically work together with clients, and what benefits coaching can provide for them.

My typical clients are healthcare professionals, managers and executives. I help them expand their influence at work, deal more effectively with challenging situations, or consider future career options. To sign up for this, use my profile page


Contact Info:

(603) 371-7142


Meet Patricia Leblanc

I help spiritual entrepreneurs to quiet their big voice that stops them from trusting their intuition so that they can create the impact that they are here to make.

Special Offers for SAC Members:

A private 1 on 1 energy clearing for only $67 instead of $333

Contact Info:

(778) 548-2882

Meet Mary Hiland

Nonprofit leaders need all the resources and support they can get. Nonprofit boards of directors have the potential for positive impact for the nonprofits they care about and serve. But - that potential is mostly untapped--leaving valuable resources "on the table." Nonprofit leaders who want a strong board and a strong executive/board partnership can benefit from the array of services I provide (coaching, consulting, training) to ignite the potential of their boards. I also have an online Board Orientation Success program that helps new and existing board members tap their full potential in service to the mission they care about.

Special Offers for SAC Members:

I am happy to provide an affiliate discount to anyone who buys or finds someone else who buys my Board Orientation Success program. The program retails for $697 (lifetime access) and the discount is $150 off that price.

Contact Info:
(408) 324-4814

Meet Claire Davis

I help leaders in service businesses to increase their influence and impact. 

Since 2006, I've had the privilege of working with Executives and senior managers in a range of national and international firms. 

I find many leaders are facing similar challenges:
- the relentless need to achieve more, often with fewer resources
- the need to balance and influence the needs of multiple stakeholders
- the desire to build high performing teams who love where they work

I believe leaders make or break organisations. Great leaders build strong businesses and impact their communities. My vision is to help leaders excel so that they can inspire their teams and enjoy the time they invest in their work.

I draw on over 20 years' experience leading small to large teams, inspiring them to achieve amazing results. 

Find out more at my website: 
Or request a complimentary leadership consultation to see if and how I can help you

I look forward to talking with you.

Contact Info:
(424) 158-2158