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Start by watching the video, "The 3 Step Marketing with Heart Journey". You'll get an overview of the entire Marketing with Heart system. That will help you see where the missing pieces are for you, so you can know which trainings are the best fit for you.

You can also watch the Marketing with Heart Workshop Series. It covers the same material, but goes into more detail and you'll be able to hear me do answer questions and some laser coaching.

1. Clarify Your Message

Ideal Clients

Download your Ideal Client Worksheet

Download your Target Market Research Worksheet

Watch the training video "Where to Find Your Ideal Clients"


Download your Messaging Worksheet

Watch the training video, Your Messaging Platform - The 5 Kinds of Messaging You Need to Make Your Marketing work

Download your Messaging Platform

Download your Message Litmus Test

Download your Brand Message Template


Download your About Page Best Practices

You want to make sure your potential clients understand how you can help them by creating a good Services Page for your website. Watch the Group Virtual Day on Services Page of your website - Part 1 and Part 2

Download your Guide on Website Design and choosing the best colors for your brand

Watch this training on the biggest Website Mistakes

Download your Bio Template

More Support

If you want more support with you Niche and Message, the Stand Out With Your Message Program is a great opportunity for you. It includes the step-by-step training system and a private 60 minute coaching call with me. You'll also be able to get a Fast Action Bonus which includes 3 free months in Smart Action Club. Watch the free training at to learn more.

If you want more support with your Copy, I highly recommend the Copy that WOWs program. You can learn more about it at


2. Share Your Message 

Start by creating your Giveaway/Lead Magnet. Watch the training video "Create Your Giveaway"

Landing Page

The next step is to create your Landing Page / Opt-in Page. Watch the training video on "Landing Pages"

For more insights about Landing Pages, watch the Group Virtual Day on Landing Pages, and get theLanding Page Slides

The Resource I use and recommend for Landing Pages is LeadPages. Watch the training video "How to Use LeadPages"  If you want to give LeadPages a go, you can try it for 30 days and get your money back if you're not happy. This is my affiliate link in full disclosure.


After someone opts in to your list, you want to have an email nurture sequence. Watch the Group Virtual day on Email Autoresponders

Beyond the nurture sequence you want to add other promotional and content rich emails. Click here to download some email content ideas and samples. Click here to watch the Group Virtual Day on Email Content Ideas.

List Building Strategies

Now that you have everything set up, you'll want to choose the best list building strategies for you. Watch the training video "List Building Strategies"

Facebook Group

Watch the training to discover how to create, grow, engage and monetize your own Facebook Group.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are a great way to grow your list and business.. Watch the training video about "Joint Ventures

Watch this training on Profitable Strategic Partnerships

Online Challenges

A fun way to grow your list and get new clients is to create an Online Challenge.

Watch the training on Online Challenges. Download the accompanying Action Guide, including examples from my own Challenge - Landing Page, Thank You Page, Recap Page. On the Recap Page, you'll find the actual content from my own Challenge.

Watch the Group Virtual Day on Online Challenges - Part 1 and Part 2.

Here are examples of some of the copy I created for my Online Challenge.Opt-in Page Example
Thank you Page Example (after they opt-in)
Recap Page Example
Sales Page Example


You'll want to create your Speaker Sheet. Click here to get my Speaker Sheet that you can edit in Canva and make your own.

Download your Podcast Pitch Template

Watch the training How to Get Booked on Podcasts

When you get booked to give an interview, you want to make things easy for your host. Watch this training on how to be a great Podcast Guest.

Download my sample Interview Guide

Get my friend Steve's directory of more than 600 top podcasts


Webinars are one of the best ways to share your message, get new clients and sell your program. Download the Webinar outline

Watch the training video "How to Do a Webinar That Brings You Clients"

For more insights about webinars, watch the Group Virtual Day on Webinars - Part 1 and Part 2

3. Monetize Your Message

Client Journey

Rather than sell your time, you want to package your services in a Client Journey. Watch the Group Virtual Day on Client Journey and Core Signature Program - Part 1 and Part 2

You can create a graphic of your Client Journey, and even a downloadable document. I feature mine on my Coaching Page. You can download it here.

4 Kinds of Income

There are 4 kinds of income you can create in your business - active, leveraged, passive and residual. Watch this training to learn how to Multiply Your Revenue with 4 kinds of income, with pros and cons, examples and success tips for each.

Fill Your First Program

Watch a live training on how to Fill Your First (or next) Program. Click here to download the slides


Knowing how to lead a consultation or strategy session is essential if you want to sell your services. Download your Strategy Session Template

Watch this training video on how to overcome objections on sales calls

Use these sample Strategy Session Emails to get more consultations and clients

Client Confidence

Testimonials give you social proof and credibility, so your potential clients are more confident that you can help them. Download your template, How to Get and Use Great Testimonials

Listen to the training call about how to get and use great testimonials

Download your PDF guide, Coaching Call Prep Form PDF  or in Word Coaching Call Prep Form Word


Referrals are a great way to get new clients. Download your training guide, How to Get More Referrals

VIP Days

A great way to sell your services is through VIP Days. Download your action guide, VIP Days Action Guide

Watch the training video "Boost Your Income with VIP Days"

When launching a new program, consider launching a pilot and using informational interviews to help fill that pilot program. Download your guide, How to Use Informational Interviews to Fill Your Pilot Program



Additional Trainings

Get Clients Online

Click here to watch this training on the 3 steps to getting coaching clients online 

Navigating Challenging Times

When times are tough, like during the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to focus on certain actions that will help you grow your business. Click here to watch this training to help you navigate challenging times.


My friend, Nina Cooke, is a mindset expert. She's generously contributed a special training taken from one of her paid programs about how to master your mindset and boost your confidence when doing strategy sessions. The insights you gain can be applied to all areas of your business (and life).

You're going to absolutely love this training. Get it here.


Learn how to connect Mailchimp to Wordpress - presented by our very own Treva Marshall. Click here to watch.

Learn how to connect Mailchimp to LeadPages - presented by the amazing Treva Marshall. Click here to watch

Strategic Vision

This training will give you the big picture view of your business. Watch the 10 Step Smart Action Plan - Training Video


Download the "Planning Your Year" guide

Listen to the 6 Step Smart Action Planning Exercise - Training Call

Download the 6 step Smart Action PlanningWorksheet


Have you ever been overwhelmed by too many ideas? Download the "Ideas Into Action" Guide


Canva is a great resource to create graphics. How to Use Canva

More in depth Facebook Live training on how to use Canva

Do you have a request for a training?

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